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Nesting doll | wooden toy | shelf decoration | Luna

Matryoshka - a set of 6 wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. Perfect toy for toddlers, beloved playmate for older kids and great decoration for grown ups.

Hand painted, all patterns created and painted by me with love. Some imperfections can be found and it only proves that it's handmade ☺️

Every piece is original and unique, there are no identical sets. You will get exactly this set in the photos.

The biggest doll, "mother" of the set has the name written, but I can customise it and put your prefered name on the bottom.

Comes with "no fuss" easy opening cardbox.

Painted with high quality acrylic paints, covered with eco friendly mat lack, safe for toys.

Size (main figure): height 14,5 cm, weight 6 cm
Box (package) size: 25x14x8 cm

ATTENTION: Choking hazard. Children under three years should play with nesting dolls only under the supervision of an adult to avoid getting small parts in the mouth.